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The Kanawha Alumni Association has awarded nearly $100,000 in scholarships to qualified Burnsville-area high school seniors who are pursuing some form of postsecondary education according to KAA records that begin in the early 1990s.

Kanawha Alumni Association members have a history of generosity, giving back to the community in the form of scholarships for local students. In addition to donations from many individual members, the families of Claud “Bud” Mick, John Godwin, Tom Casto, and others have also organized memorial scholarships that have been awarded alongside Kanawha Alumni Association scholarships for many years.

Bud Mick was a lad from the Orlando area. He joined the Navy in the fall of 1944. He had completed his graduation requirements prior to his departure and graduated in absentia with the class of 1945. Following his time in the military, he moved to Michigan and worked in the sheet metal industry. He was financially successful and, as a result, began providing college scholarships to Braxton County High School graduates who lived in the Burnsville High School area.


John Godwin scholarships began in 2014 in honor of Coach Godwin who was a beloved teacher and coach at Burnsville High School and later Burnsville Middle School.


Another scholarship that benefits students from Braxton County was established through the estate of Lorena Hefner. She was a graduate of the BHS Class of 1925 and became a successful businesswoman and endowed Glenville State University with money that is still used to fund scholarships for Braxton County students attending Glenville State University. The Lorena Hefner Scholarship is managed by the Glenville State University Foundation.

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