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The Kanawha Alumni Association, with its history spanning back over 100 years, continues to work to keep all Bruins connected - regardless of time or distance.

In the early 1900s the three-room academy building on the hill in Burnsville was acquired by the Board of Education. By 1926, the current school building was completed and continued to grow through the years. Many top-rated teachers served at the Burnsville School through the years and the high school was, for many years, rated among the accredited high schools of the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

In May of 1920, a meeting was held at the home of H. B. Marshall to organize an Alumni Association. This meeting was called by Thomas I. Feeney, who suggested the name to be Kanawha Alumni Association. That name was adopted and Mr. Feeney was made an honorary member. Wallace Hefner was the first president of the Association and served as president at later times also.

Each year, the graduates of Burnsville High School were added to the Association’s membership, growing into a rather large organization. Annual dinner meetings have been held each year since very early on in the history of the KAA.

After the consolidation of Burnsville High School with Sutton and Gassaway High Schools in 1970, the school became known as Burnsville Elementary School and has served students in Pre-K through sixth grade. Since the time of the consolidation however, the Kanawha Alumni Association has welcomed graduating seniors of Braxton County High School to be inducted, just as they would have been had BHS still been in existence.

Recent years have seen the building undergo some major and minor renovations to modernize many of the educational spaces. Keen eyes however will still recognize many architectural features and rooms throughout the schoolhouse.

In addition to funding Association projects and events, KAA members know the importance of giving back to the school and its current students. When possible, the KAA tries to share facts about Burnsville School alumni and general school history with current Burnsville Elementary School students. Donations to the school library have also been coordinated by association members and some KAA members even participate in the school improvement committee.

The Kanawha Alumni Association remains a very fine way of renewing old school ties and getting together for renewed friendship. Participation is welcome in our meetings and any volunteers who can donate their time to the efforts of the Kanawha Alumni Association are appreciated.

Adapted from ‘Tradition Marches On,’ a history of Burnsville High School and the Kanawha Alumni Association written by Susan Hoover (Class of 1915) in 1977.

Honorary Membership Request Form


Member Oath


I do hereby subscribe to the tenets of the Kanawha Alumni Association as many have done before me.


I will endeavor to uphold the dignity of the community that has produced me and which I have represented during my years at Burnsville High School or Braxton County High School.


I will support, to the best of my ability, the officers and workings of this association financially and otherwise as I am able.


It's Burnsville High School!

It's Burnsville High School!

The pride of every student here

Come on you old grads

Join with the young lads

It's Burnsville High School now we cheer


Now is the time, boys

To make a big noise,

No matter what the people say,

For there's none to fear

The gang's all here

So, hail to Burnsville High School!


School Song

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