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Reunion Weekend 2007

Approximately 265 persons attended the 88th annual banquet and dance of the Kanawha Alumni Association held on May 26, 2007, at Burnsville Elementary School.

At the business meeting, President Russell McClain presided. Honored guests were Stephanie Rae Baker and Derrick Kit Butler who were sworn in as new members of the KAA. Baker received the $1,000 Bud Mick Scholarship in addition to $500 from the Alumni Association. Butler received the $1,100 David Parmer Scholarship and a $400 scholarship from the Alumni Association. During the meeting, the pair also each received $500 scholarships from the Burnsville Lions Club.

A posthumous alumnus of the year award was made to the late Steven Duffield Posey (Class of 1957). His widow, Cathy, and daughter, Stephanie, accepted the award. Also receiving Alumnus of the Year awards for 2007 were Bruce Berry (Class of 1968) and Victor Berry (Class of 1970). George Dyer won the Gatlinsburg trip. Master of ceremonies David Parmer administered a 30-question quiz concerning former Burnsville students who had achieved notable success to those who attended the business meeting.

Officers for 2008 are as follows: President David Parmer, Vice President Larry Wine, Secretaries Paul Peck and Margret Wilson Willey, and Treasurers Shirley Singleton Lloyd and Cherry Dale Ratliff Ramsey.

Alumni and guests attending included: Gae Wine Anderson, James Anderson, Hunter Armentrout, Barbara Brown Wilson, John Armentrout, Margaret Bragg Armentrout, Mary Lou Grose Armentrout, Denver Barnett, Rose Amos Barnett, Linda Person, Denver Barnett, Jr., Jean Barnett, Robert Barnett, Janet Barnett, Bill Beckner, Kris Beckner, Neil Beckner, Brenda Conrad Bedunah, Bruce Berry, Victor Berry, Bobby Lou Blake, Emogene Wine Blake, Bernard N. Blake, Kenneth Bosley, Shirley Bosley, William Jack Bosley, Iverna Bouch, Paul W. Bragg, Barbara Brown Bragg, Jerry Brooks, Diana L. Bowser, Harry Brown, Mildred Harper Brown, Jack Brown, Mary Sizemore Brown, Mary E. Brown, Betty Carson, Ruth Knight Ricci, Thomas Ricci, Pam Ricci, Bob Knight, Solomon Brown, Madeline Fleming Brown, Susan Duncan Burroughs, Mary M. Bush, Bayward Butler, Kandi Butler Johnson, Roberta Singleton Butler, Bernard Butler, Kaylee Butler, Billy Butt, James Carter, Kathleen Carter, Lamona Brown Casto, Tom Casto, Larry Casto, Sondra Wine Casto, Martha Childers, Barbara Wine Cloutier, Marvin Cobb, Marguerite Ratliff Cobb, Patty Graff Cobb, Howard Conley, Barbara Conley, Deignese Strader Crabbe, Neil Crabb, Sharrey Perrine Craig, Dustin Crutchfield, Cortney Crutchfield, Paul Crutchfield, Rosemary Riffle Crutchfield, Timothy Crutchfield, Janette Cosner Crutchfield, Jennings Dancy, Brenda Conrad Dancy, Carol Goodrich Dean, Jack Dean, Sue Singleton Earlenbaugh, Leo Earlenbaugh, Brenda Adkins, Mary Sue Stout Ellendt, Paul Ellendt, Hilda Brown Flint, Debra Brown Elmore, Pam Brown Cuppari, Carol Love Flitcraft, Paul Flitcraft, Jane Malcomb Gibson, Thomas L. Gibson, James L. Godfrey, Roy Godfrey, Michelle Gill, Robert Graff, Carolyn Pulliam Graff, Marjorie Fleming Gregory, Brian Gregory, Randy Gregory, Peggy Ann Wiant Hardman, Bob Hardman, Lawrence Hawkins, Janita Sumpter Hawkins, Noah Junior Heater, Lena Heater, Rosa Lee Buckhannon Hefner, Wallace Hefner, Barbara Duncan Hefner, Joanna Barnette Henthorne, Icie Lockard Hill, William H. Hoover, Loretta Hoover, Ruth Nicholson Huffman, James Huffman, Mary Alice McHenry Kaufman, Jerry Kaufman, Jerry Kelley, Mary McPherson Kelley, Robert Kelley, Marilyn Godfrey Kiddy, Mary Crutchfield Knight, Fred Kuhn, Bonnie Mick Kuhn, William Fleming, Shirley Singleton Lloyd, Charles R. Lloyd, Lawrence Losh, Brenda Edmondson, Darrell Edmondson, Amanda Edmondson, David Mace, Mary Wine Mace, John Mackey, Mary Ann Brown Mackey, Laurel Wine Martin, Leland McCauley, W. Alfred McCauley, Russell McClain, Ruth McClain Criss, Ervin Crim, Anne Sharpe, Ralph McDougal, Barbara Sizemore McDougal, Tessie Morton McGinnis, George McGinnis, Bill McKnight, Joey McNemar, Jamie McNemar, Geranium Williams Mealey, Junior Mealey, Charles "Chick" Mick, Jerald V. Moran, Virginia Moran, John M. Moran, Mike Morrison, Betty Barnette Moss, Richard Moss, Gerald L. Nicholson, Delores Nicholson, Shirley Jean Stout Nicholson, Joyce Skinner Norman, David Parmer, Barbara Jeffries Parmer, Calvin Persinger, Judith Skinner Persinger, Wanda Kuhl Pratt, Kenneth Praff, Betty Mallett Pritt, Norma L. Pritt, William Pritt, Mary Straley Ra Falko, David Ramsey, Cherry Dale Ratliff Ramsey, Jearl Ramsey, Catherine Post Ratliff, Jackie Ratliff, Wanda Malcomb Ratliff, Ronnie Ratliff, Janette Heater Ratliff, Tom Ratliff, Louise Bush Ratliff, Stan Redcliff, Ann Kelley Redcliff, Mary Strader Riffle, Charles Freeman Riffle, Ronnie Riffle, James H. Robison, Carol Robison, Ruby Crutchfield Rogers, Madge Brown, Blenda Brown Ryan, Jim Ryan, Jill Crutchfield Schiefelbein, Janet Nicholson Schindler, Bill Schindler, Judith Blake Schuda, Sandra Baker Shehan, Harry A. Shehan, JoAnn Kelley Simmons, Bob Singleton, Betty Singleton, David Singleton, Heather Singleton, Mildred Carson Singleton, Don Singleton, Ronnie Singleton, Hilda Singleton, Allen M. Skinner, Cheryl Skinner Cox, Edsel Skinner, Gail Smith, Debbie Conrad, Rusty Smith, Alice Choi, Jack Smith, Linda Smith, Luella Smith Strader, Roger Bellows, Mae Post Smith, Phyllis Barrette, Roger Barrett, Ronald Smith, JoAnn Bosley Smith, Jo Ann Stout Stalnaker, Lillian Brown Stalnaker, Teresa Saunders, Shirley Brown Stalnaker, Freddie Steele, Rosalie Dean Steele, Paul Stewart, Marlene Smith Stewart, Jean Stout, Rendal Stout, Judy Stout, Franklin Strader, Jack Straley, Shirley Straley, Patricia McPherson Stutler, Gary Sumpter, Esma Wilson Sumpter, Mary Blake Talbott, Martha Belle Brown Taylor, Margaret Wine Tindall, Bill Tindall, Robert L. Traugh, Helen L. Traugh, Mary Heater Wagner, Dianna Wagner, Hubert Waldeck, Billy Ray Ware, Ann Shearer, Sharon Armentrout Weaver, Robert Westfall, William Wiant, Margret Wilson Willey, Earl Williams, Sherrill Williams, Charles J.T. Wilson, Jerry Jim Wilson, Mabel Wine, Rondal Wine, Candy Wine, Reda Exline Young, Kathryn Paracsi, Pauline McCauley Zeigler, and Wanda McLaughlin Zolla.

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